swim club billboard

Classification of Club: Co-Ed Recreational

President: Dirk Miers  Email: dirkmiers@rocketmail.com 
Treasurer: Sarah Honda  Email: hondacivic198@msn.com 
Advisor: Ying C. Kwong Email: kwon@math.niu.edu

Club Purpose and/or Objectives:
The Swim Club’s purpose is to facilitate and nurture students on campus who wish to train on a swimming club for the purpose of either recreation/fitness and /or competition. By catering for recreational swimmers, they shall provide the opportunity for inexperienced swimmers to gain a deeper comprehension of the sport through technique correction, training, and competitive racing. As a team they shall compete in inter-club meets and/or United States Swimming (USS) sanctioned meets.

Club Website: http://www.sa.niu.edu/nisc.html