Vision Statement

The Vision of the Office of Assessment Services is that curricular, program, and student assessment is done exceptionally well, is intrinsically highly valued, and is incorporated in day-to-day decision-making, ultimately furthering and advancing student successes. 

Mission Statement

The Office of Assessment Services is committed to fostering engaged and proactive assessment across Northern Illinois University (NIU) by providing program assessment resources and expertise, managing assessment initiatives, acting as a clearinghouse for assessment data, and conducting assessment research that is meaningful to NIU stakeholders.


  • To provide quality program assessment resources and expertise to the NIU community through outreach, consultations, and professional development.
  • To manage and coordinate university-wide assessment initiatives that meet the needs of multiple stakeholders.
  • To facilitate the collection, linking, and dissemination of assessment data and activities for use by the NIU community in continuous improvement efforts.
  • To conduct assessment research that identifies best practices, addresses strategic issues, and informs decision-making.

Assessment Plan

OAS Assessment Plan (2014)