NIU Web Standards

Editorial Guidelines

All NIU websites follow the editorial standards outlined in the NIU Editorial Style Guide (PDF), which provides guidance on spelling, punctuation, degree terminology and other areas. Some guidelines specific to the web are included below. 

For any questions not addressed in the editorial style guide, refer to the AP Stylebook. Online access to the AP Stylebook is free for NIU employees and students through NIU libraries. Note: you will need to login with your AID/ZID and password to access the resource.

4.1 Capitalization

Page navigation labels are written in Title Case.

Main headings and H3 should be written in Title Case. In cases where a subheading (H4, H5, etc.) is a complete sentence, it can be formatted in sentence case (only the first word capitalized).

Example: Application Fee Waiver – Freshmen Applicants

4.2 Content and Text Formatting

Do not center align text or headings.

Bold may be used to emphasize particular words and phrases. Do not bold full sentences or use bolded words in place of a heading.

Do not use underline (may be confused with a hyperlink).

To emphasize words or phrases, italic may be used sparingly, but bold is preferred.

Italic and bold should not be combined.

ALL CAPS should only be used in an official name already formatted that way or in cases of abbreviation (ex., NASA, NIU).

Do not use symbols in words in lieu of letters on webpages, (i.e., Latin@s) as it cannot be read aloud for the visually impaired and is therefore not accessibility compliant.

Phone numbers should be linked for ease of use.

When referring to campus buildings, link to the interactive map. This does not apply to headings.

Example: Our office is located in Lowden Hall.

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