The Northern Pact

The Northern Pact outlines the values of the NIU community and describes how you can help support them. We expect each member of the university community to agree to and follow the pact. By doing so, you can help us create a more caring, connected campus.

Curiosity and Creativity

  • I am actively involved in the learning experience.
  • I am open to new ideas and creative problem-solving.
  • I am interested in innovative research, artistry and scholarship.

Equity and Inclusion

  • I seek and appreciate the diverse perspectives of the NIU community.
  • I consider how my actions and words affect other people.
  • I respect all members of the university community.

Ethics and Integrity

  • I value global perspectives and the work of building a better society.
  • I behave ethically in and out of the classroom.
  • I am accountable to myself and my community.

Service and Responsibility

  • I work to learn about and address local, national and global challenges and take responsibility for creating change.
  • I share the knowledge I gain and use it to support my community.
  • I explore opportunities to achieve my academic, personal, and professional goals.

Pride in My Pack

I am a Huskie and I take pride in my pack. I support the values of the NIU community with my words and actions. By taking care of myself and others, I support the health and well-being of the entire university community.

Northern Pact Logo

Northern Pact students

"We are Huskies and we take pride in our pack!"