Division Employee Resources

In addition to helping students discover and pursue their aspirations, the Division of Student Affairs is committed to recruiting and developing a diverse, mission-driven and talented staff. We’re also dedicated to the ethical and efficient management of resources in order to maximize the value of the student and staff experience at NIU.

The Division of Student Affairs takes a purposeful and collaborative approach to planning and assessment. We derive our strategic plans through a deliberate process that aligns with the framework of NIU’s strategic plan. Our intentional reporting throughout the year contributes to the annual report, providing transparency to the students we serve.

We're proud of the thoughtful planning and implementation of the many programs and services our departments provide to students. We also provide leadership and consultation about planning and assessment initiatives in the division. In addition, we collect, manage and distribute campuswide data and related research projects for our staff and graduate students.

For more information about strategic planning, please contact Mike Stang at mstang@niu.edu for more information. 

Staff and students employed by Student Affairs are encouraged to contact our central office with questions related to developing messaging about their departments.

We provide opportunities for staff and students to grow in their roles as employees through professional development and training. In addition to workshops and training sessions offered throughout the year, we host a one-day conference to give staff the opportunity to learn from one another, as well as from other professionals on campus.

In addition, our Canon Fellowships provide staff members with the opportunity to explore other areas of the university as they develop their professional aspirations. Staff are also nominated for our annual awards, which are presented at an end-of-the-year recognition event. Each year, these awards showcase the involvement and strengths of many employees.

If you have a question related to human resources, please contact Human Resource Services or call 815-753-6000 for more information. 

If you have a question related to the budget, please contact Abby Lund, Director of Budget, Financial Analysis and Human Resources, at alund@niu.edu for more information.

Assessment Council

This council is on hold until further notice. 

Awards and Recognition Committee

This committee works to implement the annual awards and recognition program that happens at the end of April or beginning of May. Committee members update and create award categories and criteria, recruit for nominations, select award winners, and facilitate the recognition program.

  • Meetings twice a month for one hour, beginning in January and ending in May.
  • Minimal additional work outside of committee meetings.
  • Additional work hours needed to execute large-scale programs.

No specific experience is needed.

Professional Development Committee

This committee works to develop, coordinate and execute professional development opportunities for the division. The primary opportunity coordinated by this committee is the annual One Day Conference which is a collaboration across the Student Experience Team (SET). The One Day Conference is typically held in January or February.

  • Meetings twice a month for one hour, beginning in October/ November and ending after the conference in January/February.
  • Minimal additional work outside of committee meetings.
  • Additional work hours needed to execute large-scale programs.

No specific experience is needed.

A subcommittee focused on the graduate student experience is cuirrently being developed. 

Student Affairs Marketing and Communications Council

This council works to review the design, marketing and communication efforts of the division, providing recommendations and guidance as needed. Staff with marketing or communications responsibilities in their job descriptions are strongly encouraged to be a part of this team. Committee commitments include:

  • Meetings once a month.
  • Approximately one to two hours of additional work a month outside of committee meetings.

The American College Health Association (ACHA) National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey provides NIU with important information about students’ health and wellness behaviors. The survey has been conducted at NIU approximately every two years since 2000 and gauges students’ health status, preferences for health information delivery methods, perceptions about health topics and personal health behaviors related to:

  • Fitness.
  • Nutrition.
  • Sexual health.
  • Alcohol or other drug use.
  • Mental health concerns.
  • Health protective and disease preventive behaviors, etc.
  • Risk behaviors associated with health problems. 

NIU Student Health and Wellness Data