About the NIU P-20 Research and Data Collaborative

The NIU P-20 Research and Data Collaborative brings together offices with deep complementary areas of expertise – the data systems and visualization work of Illinois Interactive Report Cards, the research and communications strengths of the Illinois P-20 Network, the community and economic development work of the Center for Government Studies, the public policy development work of Education Systems Center, and the extraordinarily broad expertise available through the faculty in the College of Education.

NIU P-20 Research and Data Collaborative

  • Illinois Interactive Report Cards
  • Illinois P-20 Network
  • College of Education
  • Education Systems Center
  • Center for Governmental Studies

The NIU P-20 Research and Data Collaborative exists to bring together these resources and the expertise of teams across the university in service to the project and research needs of organizations across the United States. 

  • Illinois Interactive Report Cards - Illinois Interactive Report Cards specializes in data analysis and strategic messaging. We partner with P-20 educational offices locally, nationally and internationally on data collection, analysis and reporting, including our award-winning custom public report card tools.​
  • Illinois P-20 Network - NIU’s Center for P-20 Engagement leads the Illinois P-20 Network, which brings more than 135 organizational partners together to improve the educational system to result in a pipeline that produces more degrees, completes timely research and delivers high quality professional learning.
  • Northern Illinois University College of Education - The NIU College of Education offers research and instructional expertise across 30 degree programs, contributing to knowledge in the field while preparing professionals for impactful careers as teachers, counselors, leaders and administrators across our P-20 educational spectrum.​
  • Education Systems Center - Education Systems Center (EdSystems) is a mission driven policy development and program implementation center. It aims to shape and strengthen education and workforce systems that prepare more young people for productive careers and lives in a global economy.
  • Center for Governmental Studies - The Center for Governmental Studies provides expertise that helps decision-makers implement efficient, sustainable and cost-effective approaches to economic, social and information management issues.”

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