Brian Hart

Professor and Coordinator of Music History and Literature

Brian Hart

Brian Hart (Ph.D., Indiana University, 1994) has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses in music history at Northern Illinois University since 1996. His research has concentrated on French music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He is the author of "The French Symphony after Berlioz: From the Second Empire to the First World War," a 200-page study in Vol. 3B of A. Peter Brown’s series The Symphonic Repertoire (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2007). He is the editor of Volume 5 of this series, The Symphony in the Americas, a comprehensive history of the symphony in the United States and Latin America, which is forthcoming from Indiana University Press. 

Professor Hart has written articles and delivered papers on such topics as Vincent d’Indy’s influence on French symphonic development, Debussy and the symphony, the French organ symphony, the symphonies of Arthur Honegger, and competing cultural and political interpretations of the symphony in fin de siècle France.  He is the author of the entries on César Franck, Arthur Honegger, Vincent d’Indy, Albert Roussel, and Ernest Chausson for Oxford Bibliographies Online. He was the program annotator for the 2001 Bard Music Festival, Debussy and His World, held at Bard College and Lincoln Center.


“In my classes I provide information about composers and their music as well as the cultural and political environments in which they worked, in order to see what music meant to the people writing and listening to it, and why music developed as it did. I acquaint students with as many composers, styles, and types of pieces as possible in order to expand their knowledge of the musical repertory and enhance their own performances." -- Brian Hart


Ph.D., Indiana University


  • MUHL 321 - Music I
  • MUHL 322 - History II
  • MUHL 323 - History III
  • MUHL 526 - American History
  • MUHL 623 - 20th Century Idioms I
  • MUHL 630 - Romantic Era
  • MUHL 631 - 20th Century Idioms II
  • MUHL 721 - Operatic Literature
  • MUHL 722 - Symphonic Literature



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