Diversity, Equity and Belonging

Therefore we...

  • Commit to anti-racist practices that affirm our diverse School of Music community
  • Pledge to continually critique our curriculum and pedagogy for bias, marginalization and inequity
  • Listen to and learn from each other's lived experiences to strengthen both our music making and our community
  • Perform and study music that represents diverse voices and perspectives
  • Recruit with the intention to build diversity in the School of Music that reflects the world in which we want to live

We state this not as a platitude but as advocates in the fight for real change -- change to systems that have too often been discriminatory to Black Americans. We recognize that to be silent is to be complicit in support of such systems.

In our community, we see one another fully and see ourselves in one another. Therefore, we stand with members of our beloved community, especially when they need us most. 

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