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Juggling in the Classroom

Welcome to Juggling in the Classroom. Here you will find results from collaboration between a University Professor, a National Board Certified 6thgrade classroom teacher and a veteran ELL/Dual Language 3rd-grade teacher. Like all effective teaching initiatives this is a labor of love.  

We hope you enjoy the videos explaining what our juggling curriculum is all about, and then explore the links to view student artwork, student writing, examples of clear connections to successful Social Emotional learning, and some helpful links to help you implement a juggling curriculum in your classroom/school/life. Thanks for taking the time to consider our invitation.

Why Juggling?

  • To build classroom community
  • To actively address K-12 Social Emotional Learning Standards
  • Teaching how to learn
  • Easy to integrate into academic areas.
  • Allows time to observe social and emotional states of being of the students.
  • Provides an opportunity for students to practice SEL skills and dispositions.
  • Inexpensive, fun, without requiring HQT in juggling.

Juggling in the Classroom for Social Emotional Learning

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Juggling in the Classroom
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