Our Services

Maximizing the value of data for your research and practice:

  • Policy – We work with you to craft policies describing how data are to be collected, used, stored, and shared.
  • Management – We bring best practices, technical resources and expertise to the ownership and stewardship of the data you generate and acquire.
  • Integration – We leverage deep understanding your organization(s) and project goals to design and implement systems to integrate your data, regardless how simple or complex.
  • Analysis – We provide services and support to assist with inspecting, cleaning, and transforming data into useful information for your organization and its stakeholders.
  • Visualization – We develop cutting-edge graphical representations of your data to powerfully and accurately assist your organization with complete analysis and to communicate your organization’s story.
  • Engagement – We provide services and tools to assist your organization along with your stakeholders and audience in interacting with and experiencing your data.

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Illinois Interactive Report Cards
148 N. 3rd Street
DeKalb, Illinois 60115
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