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Sick Leave Bank program

Sick Leave Bank Donation for Temporary Faculty and SPS

NIU has established a Sick Leave Bank program in which temporary Faculty and Supportive Professional Staff are eligible to participate.

Participation in the Sick Leave Bank program requires an employee to donate at least one day of sick leave.  For employees on less than 100% appointment, one day is determined on the basis of their appointment percentage.  Donations will be taken from the 25 days of non-accumulative sick leave granted at the beginning of the academic year.  Participation in the program is then established for the current academic year.  Consistent with the Illinois Sick Leave Bank Act, the Sick Leave Bank program is designed to assist NIU employees who face major health crises and who have exhausted all other available benefits.

To register for the NIU Sick Leave Bank program for FY2022, please complete and submit the Sick Leave Bank enrollment form by October 31, 2021. 


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