Amanda Littauer

Current Research

My current research focuses on histories of LGBTQ youth in the twentieth-century United States. I am working on a book-length project historicizing queer girlhoods, entitled “Queer Youth: Everyday Life and Cultural Politics, 1930-1980,” as well as an edited volume of letters sent to a young gay prisoner, entitled “Dear Robert: Persistence, Violence, and Gay Life in the 1980s.” I am also working on articles about same-sex couples’ struggle to attend the high school prom and queer youth activism in the 1970s and ‘80s.

Major Publications

Courses Taught

  • HIST 260 American History to 1865 
  • HIST 261 American History Since 1865 
  • HIST 369 U.S. Women’s History 
  • HIST 367 U.S. LGBT History
  • HIST 495 Senior Thesis
  • HIST 498 American Girlhoods
  • HIST 7xx U.S. Women’s and Gender History Reading Seminar 
  • WGST 101 Women, Sex, and Gender Today 
  • LGBT 400 Queer Theory 
  • Research in Women’s Studies and LGBT Studies 
  • The New Girls’ Studies 

Institutional Affiliations

  • Elected Co-Chair, 2015-2018, Committee on LGBT History, an independent 501c3 organization and an affiliate of the American Historical Association.

Amanda Littauer

Amanda Littauer

Associate professor, jointly appointed with Center for Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality

Ph.D., University of Califorinia at Berkeley, 2006

Gender Studies, U.S.
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