About Freedom Field

Freedom Field is based on the integration of various renewable energy sources and provides a platform to study the effectiveness of these sources while fostering renewable energy education in the region. The figure below is a system diagram with all the renewable energy sources that are integrated within the Freedom Field.

Freedom Field System

Freedom Field System: Integration of green energy sources and their uses
Integration of green energy sources and their uses


  • 35KW Solar thermal unit
  • 12kW solar photovoltaic unit
  • 1.2KW vertical wind turbine
  • Bergey 10KW wind turbine
  • Bio-fuel facility

Generated heat energy is used for space heating while the electrical energy is used for maintaining the Freedom Field facility. Surplus electrical energy is passed to the local electricity company (ComEd Distribution).

Additional Projects

Freedom Field is working on a large scale geo-thermal lake loop HVAC study, algae to bio-diesel study and waste glycerin to energy collaboration.

Demonstration to visitors
Demonstration to visitors
Reception area
Reception area
Weather station
Weather station
Control panel
Control panel


Abul K.M. Azad, Ph.D.
Department of Engineering Technology
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