Graduation Information

You should apply for graduation during the semester in which you register for your final term. This is also known as applying for a degree. You must apply to graduate whether you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Apply for Graduation (aka Degree)

Note: If you're an undergraduate student, visit Registration and Records for graduation information.

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    Prepare to Apply

    Learn the graduation deadlines that apply to you. Review the semester hour requirement. If you're completing a master's degree, you must have at least 21 semester hours to apply for graduation. If you're a doctoral student, you must have at least 75 semester hours.

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    Complete Your Application in MyNIU

    Log in to MyNIU. Select the Academic Records tile, click Application for Graduation, slide Select to Apply to Yes, then click Apply. Follow the steps to apply for graduation. There is a one-time, nonrefundable fee of $55 per degree. It will be charged to your account once you complete this application.

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    Keep Track of Your Progress

    During your final term, an initial audit letter will be sent to your NIU email address. It's your responsibility to review the letter, as well as the Academic Requirements page in MyNIU. Contact your advisor with any questions.

    If you won't complete the requirements on time, you must defer your graduation date. There's no charge to defer graduation.

Participate in Commencement Ceremony

Let us help you celebrate! Once you have applied for graduation, you will also need to take the steps required to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Privacy Settings and Your Name

Your privacy settings in MyNIU determine whether or not your name appears in the commencement program. If you restrict the release of your name in your privacy settings, your name won't be published or appear in the commencement program. The deadline to make changes to your privacy settings is the same as the deadline for submitting your graduation application (also referred to as application for degree).

Your Diploma

In order to receive your diploma, you must clear any monetary or other obligations to NIU. Your diploma will be mailed to you four to six weeks after the end of the term. Your diploma will be sent to your permanent address on file with Registration and Records. You can change your address in MyNIU, or by contacting Registration and Records at 815-753-0681 or To see when your diploma was mailed, visit the Michael Sutter website.

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