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NIU offers several non-degree options for graduate students who wish to advance their education as a non-degree graduate student. For example, you may take graduate-level courses to maintain or earn your or pursue one of our 80+ graduate certificates as a student-at-large. 

Why take a course as a non-degree graduate student?

  • You are looking to take a course for leisure or professional development
  • You are currently enrolled at another university and want to transfer credits earned at NIU
  • You are a working professional who wants or needs professional development or certification
  • You are undecided on a degree program
  • You have missed a degree program deadline, but want to get started for future admission

NIU's non-degree graduate options offer a seamless and hassle-free entry process, with a minimal application fee and no admission requirements other than holding a bachelor's degree.  Unsure which courses to take or how they align with your career goals? Our academic departments are here to provide personalized guidance every step of the way. Connect with our experienced faculty members to explore course options and discover affiliated career outcomes tailored to your aspirations.

NIU’s non-degree courses aren't just standalone experiences – they're stepping stones towards your academic aspirations.  These non-degree courses serve as a pathway to our full-fledged degree programs, or they offer flexible credit transfer options, allowing you to transfer credits earned at NIU to another accredited institution.

Non-degree options at NIU open doors to a world of tailored learning experiences, skill development, and exploration. Whether you're seeking to acquire specific expertise or testing the waters for future academic pursuits, these programs offer a dynamic and accessible avenue for educational enrichment.

To start a non-degree graduate option, apply to the graduate school as a student-at-large.

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