Procedure and Charges to Surplus Electronic Data Processing Equipment with Hard Drives

State of Illinois Public Act 96-0045 and the Northern Illinois University (NIU) Board of Trustees approval to implement a new policy effective 1/4/2010 requires that all hard drives returned with surplus electronic data processing equipment be wiped clean of all data and software by overwriting every track at least ten (10) times and certifying in writing that this process has been completed. NIU Property Control will only accept complete systems that have been certified by attaching a sticker (form #24709 available from Property Control) with the Agency name, Serial #, NIU Asset Tag #, Application used to overwrite, Name of person overwriting the disk, Date and Signature of certifier. This sticker must be applied on the left-hand side of the face of the unit. Laptops must be labeled on the topside of the cover.

All of the electronic data processing equipment that belongs with the system should be returned whole and intact. If the hard drive has been removed or is not operating and unable to be wiped clean, the certification label must state that the hard drive was removed or is not operable.

All requests for surplus electronic data processing equipment must comply with these procedures and be properly labeled before Property Control and Materials Management personnel will be able to pick up these items from the departments.

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