Office 365 Governance Sub-Committee

Approved: 30 March 2016


The Office 365 Sub-Committee governs the implementation, enhancement and efficient use of Northern Illinois University’s Office365 environment. This committee establishes priorities and allocates resources for product/system selections, implementations, enhancements and major upgrades.

As part of the Northern Illinois University information technology governance structure, this governance sub- committee derives its authority from the IT Steering Committee (ITSC).


  • Review the release of new features and applications. Some of these releases may be to certain segments of the university population, while others may be released to everyone at once.
  • Discuss and recommend how roles and permissions should be implemented.
  • Create or endorse best practices for using Office365 applications such as OneDrive, SharePoint, OneNote, Skype for Business, etc.
  • Review marketing and communications materials about Office365 and its impact on how NIU faculty teach courses, how NIU staff conduct business, and how NIU students collaborate and learn.


Members may be nominated by anyone, but the IT Steering Committee approves all initial members and subsequent membership changes.

Members are expected to represent the best interest of the entire institution and not just their own unit. However, members are also expected to communicate the activities and decisions of the sub-committee back to their own unit and bring unit concerns back to the sub-committee.

Members will serve three-year terms, with membership terms staggered in equal measure throughout the sub- committee. All members may serve consecutive terms.

Name Title
Armbrust, Susie (non-voting) Information Security Analyst, Division of IT
Bender, Brian Instructor, College of Business
Biletzky, Eric Manager, Information Services, Graduate School
Click, Aline Director, eLearning Services, Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development
Cotto, Abe (non-voting) Cloud Services Engineer, Division of IT
Estes, Steven Academic Advisor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jankowski, Kyle (student) Secretary, Residence Hall Association
Johnson, Andrew (non-voting) Manager, Infrastructure Applications, Division of IT
Karim, Sarah (student) Administrative Vice President, Residence Hall Association
Kearsing, John (non-voting) Project Manager, Division of IT
Kenney, Ann IT Technical Associate, Human Resource Services
Kuba, Michael Assistant Director, Housing & Dining
Lagana, Brandon Director, Career Services
Lance, Brian Assistant to the VP, Student Affairs and Enrolllment Management
Larry, Jason Tech Support Coordinator, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Marshall, Jevonte (student) Director of IT, Student Association
O'Brien, Jennice Director, Office of Creative Services
Parks, Matt (non-voting) Senior Director, Infrastructure, Division of IT
Rhode, Jason Executive Director, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
Stankiewicz, Dan (non-voting) Service Desk Analyst, Division of IT
Weiss, Steve IT Technical Associate, Office of the Bursar
Williams, Fred (non-voting) Senior Director, Operations, Division of IT


The committee will appoint a chair who will be responsible for:

  1. Calling all meetings.
  2. Setting meeting agendas.
  3. Collecting sub-agendas from functional leads.
  4. Presiding at all meetings.
  5. Ensuring that minutes are compiled for each meeting.
  6. Finalizing minutes before distribution.
  7. Enforcing committee procedures.
  8. Preparing information for presentation to the ITSC.
  9. Presenting Office 365 Sub-Committee recommendations and reports to the ITSC.


The Sub-Committee should schedule meetings on a monthly basis (or as determined by the Chair) to:
  1. Review the activities of its sub-committees or committees.
  2. Approve/deny requests for system/product/service purchases, implementations, and enhancements.
  3. Establish priorities for resources.
  4. Develop recommendations for resources and business cases to be routed to the ITSC.

All members of the Sub-Committee are expected to attend and participate in each meeting. If a member is unable to attend, a substitute should be authorized to attend and vote on behalf of the official committee member.

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