CVPA Strategic Plan

In an effort towards continuous improvement, serving our various constituencies and creating and maintaining a College of Visual and Performing Arts that best reflects the cultural and societial backgrounds and needs of our students, NIU CVPA has undertaken a strategic planning process.

Goal One
Diversify curricula to be more inclusive and to recognize the artistic, educational and scholarly contributions of groups that have historically been under-represented in higher arts education.
Objectives and Actions

Goal Two
Develop transdisciplinary programming and curricula that respond to the changing demands of/on 21st century artists and art consumers.
Objectives and Actions

Goal Three
Recruit and retain BiPoC students to better represent the demographics of the society in which we live and the region that we serve.
Objectives and Actions

Goal Four
Diversify NIU College of Visual and Performing Arts faculty and staff.
Objectives and Actions

Goal Five
Eliminate equity gaps in student learning outcomes and reduce D/F/W/U grades
Objectives and Actions

Submit accomplishments and status updates

You may submit information about the progress and accomplishments towards the goals and objectives of this plan by e-mailing Donee Spizzirri, assistant to the dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts. 

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