Faculty and Staff


Name Title Phone Email
J. Mitchell Pickerill, Jr. Chair 815-753-7052 pick@niu.edu
April K. Clark Assistant Chair and Associate Professor 815-753-7055 aclark9@niu.edu
Michael Clark Director of Graduate Studies/Associate Professor 815-753-7054 mclark12@niu.edu
Artemus Ward Professor/Director of Undergraduate Studies 815-753-1011 aeward@niu.edu


Name Title Area Phone Email
April K. Clark Associate Professor American Government 815-753-7055 aclark9@niu.edu
Michael Clark Associate Professor Comparative Politics 815-753-7054 mclark12@niu.edu
Aarie Glas Assistant Professor International Relations 815-753-1011 aglas@niu.edu
Kikue Hamayotsu Associate Professor Comparative Politics 815-753-1011 khamayotsu@niu.edu
Colin Kuehl Assistant Professor International Relations 815-753-1011 ckuehl@niu.edu
J. Mitchell Pickerill, Jr. Chair American Government 815-753-7052 pick@niu.edu
Alesha Porisky Assistant Professor Comparative Politics 815-753-1011 aporisky@niu.edu 
Andrea Radasanu Associate Professor Political Theory 815-753-1011 aradasanu@niu.edu
Scot Schraufnagel Professor American Government 815-753-7040 sschrauf@niu.edu
Matt Streb Professor and Chief of Staff American Government 815-753-1011 mstreb@niu.edu
H. Brendon Swedlow Professor American Government 815-753-1011 bswedlow@niu.edu
Ches Thurber Associate Professor International Relations 815-753-1011 cthurber@niu.edu
Kheang Un Professor Comparative Politics 815-753-1011 kun1@niu.edu
Artemus Ward Professor American Government 815-753-1011 aeward@niu.edu

Support Staff

Name Title Phone Email Office
Jennifer Gregory Office Administrator 815-753-1012 pols@niu.edu Zulauf Hall 415
Shirley Portegys Office Support Specialist/Graduate Studies Secretary 815-753-1011 pols@niu.edu Zulauf Hall 415


Name Phone Email Office
Thomas D. Arado 815-753-1011 tarado@niu.edu N/A
James Hill 815-753-1011 jhill5@niu.edu Zulauf Hall 418
Mazen Nagi 815-753-2546 mazen@niu.edu Academic Advising Center

Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Political Science Subfield(s) Email
Larry Arnhart Presidential Research Professor Emeritus Political Philosophy, American Political Thought, Biopolitical Theory larnhart1@niu.edu
James M. Banovetz Professor Emeritus Public Administration and Public Policy jbanovetz@niu.edu
Andrea Bonnicksen Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus Biomedical and Biotechnology Policy bonnicksen22@gmail.com
Barbara Burrell Professor Emeritus Women and Politics, Public Opinion, Political Parties, Campaigns and Elections bburrell@niu.edu
Paul J. Culhane Professor Emeritus Public Organization Theory, Environmental Policy, Research Methods pculhane@niu.edu
J. Dixon Esseks Professor Emeritus Public Administration and Public Policy jesseks@niu.edu
Gary D. Glenn Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus Political Theory, American Political Thought gglenn@niu.edu
Lettie McSpadden Professor Emeritus Environmental Policy, Judicial Politics and Law maclettie@gmail.com
Donald G. Menzel Professor Emeritus Public Administration and Public Policy dmenzel@niu.edu
Clark D. Neher Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus Southeast Asian Politics clarkneher@hotmail.com
Bruce A. Rocheleau Professor Emeritus Public Administration, Information Management and Health Policy brochele@niu.edu
Irene S. Rubin Professor Emeritus Public Administration and Policy, Politics of Budgeting, Qualitative Methodology irubin@niu.edu

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