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J. Mitchell Pickerill

J. Mitchell Pickerill

American Government, Public Law

Office: Zulauf Hall 403

Overview of Scholarly Activity

J. Mitchell Pickerill is Department Chair and a professor in the Department of Political Science. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, his J.D. from Indiana University (Bloomington) and his B.A. from Purdue University. Prior to coming to NIU, he was assistant and associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Washington State University. His teaching and research interests include American politics, law and courts, constitutional law and theory and federalism. Pickerill's current research focuses on the relationship between the Supreme Court and the other branches of government. He is the author of Congress and Constitutional Deliberation: The Impact of Judicial Review in a Separated System (Duke U. Press 2004) as well as various book chapters and articles in journals such as Perspectives on Politics, Publius, Polity, Georgetown Law Journal, Santa Clara Law Review and Law & Policy.

Selected Publications

Pickerill, J. Mitchell. 2011. "Law, Politics and Democracy in the Twenty-first Century." Perspectives on Politics 9(2): 357-362 (review essay).

Gamkhar, Shama and J. Mitchell Pickerill.  2011. “The State of American Federalism:  The Economy, Healthcare Reform and Midterm Elections Shape the Intergovernmental Agenda.”  Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 41(3) 361-394.

Braman, Eileen and J. Mitchell Pickerill.  2011. “Path Dependence in Studies of Legal Decision-Making,” in What’s Law Got to Do With It? (Charles Geyh, ed.). Stanford University Press, 114-142.

Pickerill, J. Mitchell.  2011.  “Institutional Interdependence and the Separation of Powers,” in The Politics of Judicial Independence, (Bruce Peabody, Ed.) Johns Hopkins University Press, 100-122.

Pickerill, J. Mitchell.  2009.  “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” Santa Clara Law Review 49: 1063-1101.

Pickerill, J. Mitchell, Clayton Mosher and Travis Pratt. 2009.  “Search and Seizure, Racial Profiling and Traffic Stops: A Disparate Impact Approach.” Law & Policy 31(1): 1-30 (lead article, most downloaded Law & Policy article of 2009).

Pickerill, J. Mitchell and Paul Chen.  2008. “Medical Marijuana Policy and the Virtues of Federalism.” Publius: The Journal of Federalism 38(1): 22-55.

Clayton, Cornell W. and J. Mitchell Pickerill.  2006.  “The Political Determinants of the Supreme Court’s Criminal Justice Jurisprudence: How the New Right Regime has Shaped the Rehnquist Court.” Georgetown Law Journal 94(5): 1385-1425.

Pickerill, J. Mitchell, Robert A. Jackson and Meredith A. Newman.  2006.  "Changing Perceptions of Sexual Harassment among Federal Workers from 1987 to 1994.” Law & Policy 28(3):  368-394.

Pickerill, J. Mitchell. 2004.  Constitutional Deliberation in Congress: The Impact of Judicial Review in a Separated System. Durham: Duke University Press.

Clayton Cornell W. and J. Mitchell Pickerill.  2004. "Guess What Happened on the Way to the Revolution?  Precursors to the Supreme Court's Federalism Revolution." Publius: The Journal of Federalism 34(3): 85-114.

Pickerill, J. Mitchell and Cornell W. Clayton. 2004.  “The Rehnquist Court and the Political Dynamics of Federalism.” Perspectives on Politics 2(2): 233-248.

den Dulk, Kevin R. and J. Mitchell Pickerill.  2003.  “Bridging the Lawmaking Process: The Effects of Organized Groups on Court-Congress Interaction.” Polity 35(April): 419-440.

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