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    • Political Behavior

Overview of Scholarly Activity

Michael Clark (Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara) is associate professor of comparative politics in the Department of Political Science. His current research focuses on the role of valence issues in electoral politics, and he has recently examined how valence issues impact parties' vote shares in West European elections, and also how valence issues can affect parties' policy-positioning strategies. His broader interests involve exploring how the behavior of politicians affects voter decision-making and the process of democratic representation. With his co-authors, his research has also examined whether and how different types of political parties respond to shifts in public opinion, and with what consequences.

Selected Publications

Carlisle, Juliet, April Clark, Michael Clark, and Florian Justwan. 2019. "Polarization Politics and Hopes for a Green Agenda in the U.S." Environmental Politics, forthcoming.

Clark, April, Michael Clark, and Debra Leiter. 2019. "Winners and Losers Reconsidered: Party Support, Character Valence, and Satisfaction with Democracy" with Debra Leiter and Michael Clark. European Political Science Review, DOI: 10.1017/S1755773919000122.

Baumgaertner, Bert, Juliet Carlisle, April Clark, Michael Clark, Florian Justwan. 2018. "Social Media Echo Chambers and Democratic Dissatisfaction." Journal of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties, 28(4): 424-442.

Clark, Michael and Debra Leiter. 2015. "Does the Ideological Dispersion of Parties Mediate the Electoral Impact of Valence? A Cross-National Study of Party Support in Nine Western European Democracies."  Comparative Political Studies, 47 (2): 171-202.

Clark, Michael. 2014. "Does Public Opinion Respond to Shifts in Party Valence? A Cross-National Analysis of Western Europe, 1976-2002." West European Politics, 37 (1): 91-112.

Clark, Michael. 2013. "Understanding Parties’ Policy Shifts in Western Europe: The Role of Valence, 1976-2003."  British Journal of Political Science, accessed March 16, 2013. DOI: 10.1017/S0007123412000622.

Michael Clark


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