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Do you love history? We know you do, and we'd love to have you as a history major. But we also know that you have many academic career paths to follow. While you pursue those goals, you can still study the past via the history minor.

Our minor is a highly flexible collection of 18 semester hours. Two of those courses will need to be at the lower division and two at the upper division while the other two are elective. 

A minor in our program will give you valuable reading, writing, speaking, and analytical skills that will help you excel in just about any career or program of study. You will also find that many our our courses will help you meet NIU requirements for writing-infused upper-division courses and for human diversity coursework, and they will help you complete many of the PLUS Pathways. Getting a minor in history requires no prerequisite coursework, so you may choose and take courses in any order. You will find a great variety of courses available, so you can explore just about any historical interest you have. Check out our current course list to see what's being offered now.

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