Current Courses

Undergraduate Classes Spring 2023

Classes meet in-person unless otherwise noted.

*online asynchronous; #online synchronous; ^ in-person and online synchronous hybrid

Lower Division

  • HIST 110: History of the Western World I (* and in-person options)
  • HIST 170: World History I*
  • HIST 171: World History II (* and in-person options)
  • HIST 260: American History to 1865*
  • HIST 261: American History since 1865 (* and in-person options)

Group A

  • HIST 323: History of Science
  • HIST 360: Early Encounters in Native North America

Group B

  • HIST 349: African History since 1600* (8-week course)
  • HIST 352: Popular Culture in Japan
  • HIST 382: Modern Latin America#
  • HIST 447: History of Burma

Group C

  • HIST 361:Pandemics and Public Health in U.S. History#
  • HIST 363: U.S. Sports History#
  • HIST 375: Civil Rights Movement
  • HIST 379: U.S. Military History*
  • HIST 461: American Revolution (Honors only)
  • HIST 467: U.S. in Depression and War*

No Assigned Group (But Still Counts for Major)

  • HIST 395: Historical Methods (History majors only)
  • HIST 396: Internship in History (mode negotiable with instructor)
  • HIST 400: Student Teaching in History/Social Sciences for Secondary Educators (Educator Licensure only)
  • HIST 401: Third Clinical Secondary School Experience in History/Social Sciences (Educator Licensure only)
  • HIST 469: Vietnam War
  • HIST 495: Senior Thesis (History majors only)
  • HIST 496: History and Social Science Instruction for Secondary and Middle Grades Educators (Educator Licensure only)

Graduate Classes Spring 2023

Classes meet in person unless otherwise noted.

*online asynchronous; #online synchronous; ^ in-person and online synchronous hybrid

Graduate classes require permits. Please email with your request, including the field below and your Z-ID.

  • HIST 547: History of Burma
  • HIST 561: American Revolution
  • HIST 567: U.S. in Depression and War*
  • HIST 569: Vietnam War

Graduate Reading Seminars (610)

  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Global Chicago#

Graduate Research Seminars (710)

  • Civil Conflict
  • Global Indigenous History

Independent Study (HIST 736) and Independent Research (HIST 756)

These courses require contracts between the professor and student.

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