Faculty and Staff Directory

Department email: history@niu.edu

Department phone: 815-753-0131

Department FAX: 815-753-6801

Administrative Staff

Name Title Email Office
Valerie Garver Department Chair vgarver@niu.edu Zulauf 713
Ismael Montana Assistant Department Chair montana@niu.edu Zulauf 616
Andy Bruno Director of Graduate Studies  ABruno2@niu.edu Zulauf 726
Eric Hall Director of Undergraduate Studies ehall4@niu.edu  Zulauf 624
Juliana Yarmolovych Office Administrator yyarmolovych@niu.edu  Zulauf 715
Peter Challand Office Support Specialist pchalland1@niu.edu Zulauf 715

Faculty and Instructors

Name Specialization Email Office
Christina Abreu U.S. Latinx History, Caribbean History cabreu@niu.edu Latino Center 113
John Alcalde Director of History and Social Sciences Secondary Educator Licensure Programs jalcalde1@niu.edu  Zulauf 615A
Stanley Arnold 20th Century U.S., Sport sarnold@niu.edu  Zulauf 608
E. Taylor Atkins Japan and Korea etatkins@niu.edu  Zulauf 702
Frank Bell History and Social Sciences Educator Licensure Advisor fbell@niu.edu  Zulauf 615B
Bradley Bond U.S. South bbond@niu.edu Zulauf 706
Andy Bruno Russia, Environmental abruno2@niu.edu  Zulauf 726
Sundiata Djata Africa, African-American sdjata@niu.edu  Zulauf 602
Sean Farrell Britain and Ireland sfarrel1@niu.edu  Zulauf 701
Damián Fernández Ancient dfernandez@niu.edu  Zulauf 724
Rosemary Feurer 20th Century U.S., Labor rfeurer@niu.edu  Zulauf 618
Aaron Fogleman Early America, Atlantic World aaronfogleman@niu.edu  Zulauf 613
Valerie Garver Medieval vgarver@niu.edu  Zulauf 713
Trude Jacobsen Gidaszewski Asia, Gender and Sexuality tjacobsen1@niu.edu  Zulauf 605
Eric Hall African American, U.S. Sport ehall4@niu.edu Zulauf 624
Anne Hanley Brazil, Economic ahanley@niu.edu  Zulauf 707
Beatrix Hoffman 20th Century U.S., Medicine beatrix@niu.edu  Zulauf 704
Kristin Huffine Colonial Latin America khuffine@niu.edu  Zulauf 716
Eric Jones Island Southeast Asia eajones@niu.edu  Zulauf 714
Natalie Joy Antebellum U.S. njoy@niu.edu  Zulauf 708
Vera Lind Early Modern Germany vlind@niu.edu  Zulauf 610
Amanda Littauer Gender Studies, U.S. alittauer@niu.edu  Zulauf 614
Eric Mogren 20th Century U.S., Environmental mogren@niu.edu  Zulauf 712
Ismael Montana Africa montana@niu.edu  Zulauf 616
Brian Sandberg Early Modern France bsandberg@niu.edu  Zulauf 607

Faculty Emeritus

Name Field of Study Email Phone
Joe Burchfield N/A burchfield@niu.edu  828-298-8413
Kenton Clymer U.S. Foreign Relations kclymer@niu.edu  N/A
Heide Fehrenbach Modern Germany hfehrenbach@niu.edu N/A
Stephen Foster Colonial Empires, Religion sfoster@niu.edu  773-465-0374
Michael Gonzales Latin America mgonzales@niu.edu  N/A
Stephen Haliczer European, Modern Europe, Spain N/A N/A
Samuel Kinser N/A sakinser@aol.com  N/A
Barbara Posadas US Immigration, Ethnicity, Women bposadas@niu.edu  N/A
Marvin Powell N/A N/A 815-732-4700
James Schmidt 19th Century U.S., Law and Society jschmidt@niu.edu  N/A
Andrea Smalley U.S. Environmental asmalley@niu.edu  N/A
Elaine Spencer Modern Europe, Germany espencer@niu.edu  N/A
Nancy Wingfield Gender and Sexuality, Habsburg Central Europe nwingfield@niu.edu  N/A
Christine Worobec Imperial Russia, Modern Ukraine worobec@niu.edu  N/A

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