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The goal of our organization is to provide information regarding professional schools to students interested in any area of healthcare. This includes, but is not limited to, information about post-graduate schools, alternative career choices, and possible scholarships and internships available. The group also serves as a way to network students to post-graduate schools, as well as other students with the same goals. Meetings are informational in nature, with field trips scheduled throughout the semester. Questions? Please contact one of the officers.

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Pre-professional Association membership is open to any student currently enrolled at Northern Illinois University. If you are not a current member but are interested in joining, e-mail one of the officers or come to one of our scheduled events. There is a $25 membership fee for all new members which includes a free club t-shirt and covers the entire academic year. Existing members can renew their memberships for $15 annually. Membership fees will go towards snacks for meetings and other miscellaneous costs. The membership fee is due at the beginning of each academic year or upon joining the club.

MCAT Preparation

Getting ready for MCAT? Here is some information that might be able to assist you. If you have an MCAT secret to share (i.e documents, presentations, tips, etc) please contact one of the officers. We appreciate your active participation!


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Pre-Professional Association

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