M.S. Degree with Specialization in Human Anatomical Sciences


A number of students in recent years have shown an interest in pursuing an advanced degree in the Department of Biological Sciences with an emphasis in the human anatomical sciences.

There are multiple routes for obtaining an M.S. degree:

  • A thesis master's emphasizes course work plus work in a research laboratory.
  • A non-thesis degree that stresses general course work followed by a final defense over all areas of biology.
  • A master's with a specialization in the human anatomical sciences.

The degree requires course work related to human anatomy and physiology plus completion of a special studies project involving some aspect of the anatomical sciences. This project comprises the development of a teaching tool such as teaching videotapes or a teaching text such as a laboratory manual or CD-ROM.

Prior to completion of the degree, you'll takes a final examination conducted by the members of your committee. During the examination, the committee examines your general and detailed knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

Upon completion of this degree, you will be qualified to teach human anatomy and/or physiology in a community college setting. In addition, you will also be qualified to perform human cadaver dissection and teach a dissection-oriented human anatomy course.