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Professor R. Meganathan

Distinquished Research Professor

Fields of Interest: Microbiology, biotechnology, microbial physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology.

Research Interests

Vitamin-K and coenzyme Q biosynthesis in bacteria and plants--these two compounds play important roles in the respiration of bacteria and in the respiration and photosynthesis of plants. The genetics, molecular biology, enzymes, and intermediates involved in the biosynthesis of these compounds are being investigated using the techniques of genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

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3-D X-ray crystal structure of OSB synthase

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Additional Information

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Ph.D., 1970, Oklahoma State University
, 1968, Oklahoma State University
B. S.
, 1963, University of Madras


  • Fellow- American Academy of Microbiology- Elected 1998
  • Presidential Research Professor-2002-2006
  • Distinguished Research Professor-2006-Present


Dr. R. Meganathan

(815) 753-7803
Office: MO 318, Lab: MO. 319
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Nothern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115