Big Interview


Looking to improve your interview skills?

Big Interview is an online program that helps you improve your interviewing skills. This is available to all students and alumni. Whether you’re interviewing for a job or for graduate school admission, Big Interview has tools to boost your confidence about the interview process.

Big Interview offers video- and text-based training, video-based mock interviews representing over 140 industries, and the ability to send your recorded interview answers to your mentors, instructors and supervisors for feedback. Instructional tools to allow faculty/staff to easily incorporate interview assignments into classes. Customization options are available.

Set up your free account and start using Big Interview to learn about the interview process and to record practice interviews.

For more information about Big Interview, contact Career Services at

*Use of Google Chrome strongly recommended for optimal results with Big Interview.  

Create an Account

  1. Go to
  2. Select the green "register" button
  3. Enter 0778 as the Organization Code

New users can register with any email address as long as you create an eight-character password (upper/lowercase and numerical).

Learn About Interviewing

Visit the Learn menu at the top navigation bar for Big Interview. Choose from these options:

  • "Fast Track" of 16 video lessons to help you achieve basic interview skills
  • "Mastery Track" of 87 video lessons with learning exercises to achieve a deep understanding of interviewing
  • "Written Curriculum" for those who prefer to learn in a text-based format

Use the Answer Builder Feature

Go to the practice menu in the top navigation bar and select the green Answer Builder feature to save stories about your accomplishments and edit them into the format you’ll need for interviews.

Record Your Interview Answers

  • Under the Practice menu select Practice Interviews
    • Choose from questions that are specialized by industry or competency or that are intended for general audiences or
  • Choose Interview Roulette to practice random interview questions
Big Interview is designed to work with the built-in video camera and microphone on your laptop or desktop computer (recording features will not work with mobile devices). Need a private space or camera/microphone-enabled computer to record your answers? Contact us at 815-753-1642.

Share Your Practice Interviews and Get Feedback

  • Go to My Videos in the top navigation bar
  • Select each video you would like to share with others for feedback. Use the "Select all" button to select all of your videos
  • Choose the blue "Share" button at the top of the page.
    • Enter the email addresses of anyone you would like to share your answers with and send a message requesting their feedback.
  • Use the Actions column to re-record your answer, delete your answer, or self-rate your answer