Forms and Information

Budget Transfers

Temporary Budget Transfer Form (XLSM) (for current-year changes only)

Permanent/Base Budget Transfer Form (XLSM) (for changes meant to permanently change a budget)

Completed forms should be emailed to the Budget Office at

Valid Budget Accounts with Translations to Account Codes

Budget to Account Code Translation Table including revenues, transfers and expenditure

Subclass (RAMP) Codes

Subclass (RAMP) Codes QuickList (PDF)

Subclass (RAMP) Codes and Definitions (PDF)

Budget Development/Reviews

Reference Sheet (PDF)

Cost Center Maintenance

Cost Center Information Form (for new cost centers, changes to current cost centers, change signers and to add/remove cost center managers)

Completed forms should be sent to the Budget Office at AL 230. For further questions please review the form instructions.

PeopleSoft Reporting Trees

NIU tree (PDF) (cost centers hierarchy by organization structure)

NIU bond revenue tree (PDF) (Bond revenue cost centers hierarchy by org. structure)


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Lora Oberg, Assistant University Budget Officer

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