Teaching and Student Mentoring

  • Sierra Leone Study Abroad: African Democracy and Socio-Economic Development, Freetown, Sierra Leone, May-June 2010 and June-July 2013.
  • Indonesian Visiting International Scholars Mentoring (2013).

Graduate and Undergraduate Courses

  • Classical Sociological Theory
  • Contemporary Social Institutions
  • Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • Democracy and Development
  • Foundations of Sociology
  • Immigration
  • Political Sociology
  • Race and Ethnic Relations
  • Sociology of Education
  • Sociology of the Military
  • University Experience (UNIV 101)

Selected Dissertations and M.A. Theses Committees

  • Jason Ardanowski. Doctoral dissertation. “Why Does Everybody Hate NGOs? How State Power Shapes International NGO’s Security Identities and Roles.” Political Science Department, NIU (dissertation committee member), in progress.
  • Sirojuddin Arif. Doctoral dissertation. “The State, Peasantry and State Responses to Food Crisis: The Politics of Agricultural Policy Formation in Indonesia And Nigeria.” Political Science Department, NIU (dissertation committee member), defended May 2019.
  • Daniel Ghebretensae Ogbaharya. Doctoral dissertation. “Change and Continuity in Natural Resource Management: A Historical Institutional Analysis of Ethiopia and Namibia.” Department of Political Science, Northern Arizona University, (dissertation committee member), defended March 2013.
  • Deb Kennedy. Doctoral dissertation: “The State’s Role in Preventing Political Violence: An institutional Approach to Ethnic Conflict Resolution (Nigeria and Rwanda).” Political Science Department, NIU (dissertation committee member), defended June 2011.
  • Chris Jaffe. Doctoral dissertation: “`Us and Them’: The Changing Boundaries of Acceptance and Exclusion for Incoming Ethnic, Religious, and Racial Groups in Rockford, Illinois, 1880-1933.” History Department, NIU (dissertation committee member), defended March 19, 2008.
  • Heather Heather LaCost. Doctoral dissertation, "Attributions of Organizational Politics: An Investigation of Locus of Causality, Justice, and Intentionality as Factors in Perceptions of Politics," Psychology Department, NIU (committee member), defended March 2005.
  • John Hink, Jr. Doctoral dissertation. “The Accident of Birth: Children, Birth Citizenship, and the Constitution, 1898-1986.” History Department, NIU (committee member), defended October 2012.
  • Nathan Katz. MA thesis: “Impression Management and the 2012 Presidential Primaries.” (Sociology Department, NIU (committee member), defended, spring 2015.
  • Jonathan Thomas, MA thesis: “Everything and Nothing: Hegemonic constructions of whiteness in American cinema.” Sociology Department, NIU (supervisor), defended April 2014.
  • Jessica Petersen, “Conservatism, Class, and Race: An Ethnographic Study of the Tea Party Movement in Northern Illinois.” Sociology Department, NIU (supervisor), defended March 2013.
  • Shawn Smith. MA thesis: “NGOs and Tanzania: Understanding Relationships in Community Development Strategies.” Anthropology, NIU, (committee member) defended March 2013.
  • Shay Galto. MA thesis: “Peace Education in Post-Genocide Cambodia.” Sociology Department, NIU (supervisor), defended spring 2012.
  • Gary Myers. MA thesis: “Perceptions of Leadership among At-Risk Youths in Chicago.” Sociology Department, NIU (committee member), defended spring 2012.
  • Suzanne Banowsky. MA thesis: “Victim Advocacy.” Sociology Department.” Sociology Department, NIU (committee member), defended spring 2012.
  • Stephanie Lentz. MA thesis: “Rwandan Refugees Resettlement by the International Rescue Committee in Phoenix, Arizona.” Sociology Department, NIU (supervisor), defended November 2007.
  • Tetyana Skorokhod. MA thesis: “The impact of Immigration on US Labor Market.” Sociology Department, NIU (supervisor), defended November 2004.
  • Jacob Frank Michael. MA thesis: “Of Waste, Space, and Race: Toward a containment model of environmental racism.” Sociology, NIU (committee member), defended February 2006.
  • Tiffany Buchanan. MA thesis: “The World View of Racism: A Structural and Cultural Critique on the Development of the Self.” Sociology Department, NIU (committee member), defended November 2005.


Abu Bakarr Bah, Ph.D.

Department of Sociology
Zulauf 807


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