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What is NIU's Student Career Success Map?

Career Map

The NIU Student Career Success Map is a student's guide to figuring out "what to do when" in order to complete their educational and career goals. The Student Career Success Map links the resources and support units of NIU into a roadmap for success!  The NIU faculty and staff serve as a compass for students to navigate their individual direction and provide the support required for students to fulfill their educational and career objectives.

The Student Career Success Map will help students to move from dreaming about their future to planning for their future.  Understanding how each stage on the map impacts success in the other stages, will assist students in reaching their goals.  These stages include:

Traveling though the stages of the college journey, students will develop an:

Educational planning guides students to achieve success in college. Having a clear path to graduation allows students to better prepare for future employment.

Career planning prepares students for employment that matches their interests and goals. Students come to college with various questions regarding their career paths. Through various activities, workshops, and visits with the Career Services staff, students can begin to answer these questions.

Financial planning helps students to make financial decisions that are right for them. Financial planning is not only about a budgeting for day to day personal expenses, but also budgeting for tuition and textbook costs, and saving for the future.

Social networks connect students with faculty, staff, and the larger community. Social networking is a great platform for students to promote and market themselves. Having a social network allows students to be informed about different opportunities, both personal and professional.

Support networks connect students to people and services that meet their unique needs. It is important to remember, students don't have to go through college and life alone.  An extensive support network is available to help students achieve their academic, personal and professional goals.