Types of Certificates and Endorsements

The State of Illinois issues the following major certificates:

  • Type 03 (elementary - grades K-9),
  • Type 04 (early childhood - generally birth-grade 3),
  • Type 09 (secondary - grades 6-12),
  • Type 10 (special - grades K-12),
  • Type 10 (special education - preschool {generally birth} through age 21),
  • Type 73 (school service personnel), and
  • Type 75 (administration).

For a complete list of all certificates issued in Illinois, please refer to Part 25, Appendix B of the State Board Administrative Rules .

New endorsements consistent with the standards for Illinois educators went into effect on July 1, 2004. These new endorsement areas consolidated and replaced many of the earlier endorsement fields. For more information, please refer Part 25, Appendix E of the State Board Administrative Rules .

For general information about state requirements for certificates and endorsements, please refer to the Guide to Requirements for Certification, Endorsement and Assignment of Teachers, School Service Personnel, and Administrators.