NIU Certification Programs

NIU has one of the largest Licensure programs among Illinois universities. The university offers 35 educator Licensure programs: 26 at the initial level and 9 at the advanced level.

Initial Teacher Preparation Programs

Early Childhood Education Science - Biology
Elementary Education Science - Chemistry
English Language Arts Science - Physics
Family and Consumer Science Social Science - Economics
Foreign Language - French Social Science - Geography
Foreign Language - German Social Science - History
Foreign Language - Spanish Social Science - Political Science
Health Education Social Science - Psychology
Mathematics Social Science - Sociology/Anthropology
Music Special Education - LBS l
Physical Education Special Education - Blind/Visual Impaired
Science - Earth/Space Science Science - Environmental Science
Visual Arts

Advanced Licensure Programs

Special Education - LBS II:
Assistive Technology Specialist
Behavior Intervention Specialist
Curriculum Adaptation Specialist
Multiple Disabilities Specialist

Director of Special Education

Library Information Specialist School Counselor
Principal/General Administration School Psychologist
Reading Specialist Speech Language Pathologist
School Business Official Superintendent

More than 7000 students are enrolled in these Licensure programs, and the university annually recommends more than 700 candidates for Licensure. Most NIU Licensure programs reach their maximum enrollment each year.

More than 25,000 NIU education graduates are currently teaching or serving in other positions in Illinois elementary and secondary schools.