Final Clinical

Final Clinical Experience

ENGL 482 Student Presentation

ILAS 401 and its departmental equivalents (BIOS 401, CHEM 401, ENGL 482, FLMT 401, GEOL 401, HIST 401, MATH 401, and PHYS 401) are the final discipline-based clinical experiences preceding student teaching and require a minimum of 40-60 hours of clinical experience in the school in which the candidate will student teach the following semester. 

The course prepares candidates for the student teaching experience by allowing them to familiarize themselves with their cooperating schools and to gain experience in preparing and presenting lessons to secondary-level students. Candidates develop an understanding of their school and their subject area department or team and establish professional working relationships within that department or team.

ENGL 482 Student with Concept MapThis final clinical experience gives candidates the opportunity to put into practice theories on creating and managing productive classroom environments, working with diverse populations, and engaging students in active learning.

For the final clinical experience, each discipline coordinator designs activities for his or her teacher candidates and links these requirements to the teaching methods course in which the candidates are simultaneously enrolled.