Office of the Vice-President

Kaliah Smith- Vice-President of the Student Associaction

Vice-President's Message

Coming into the term 2013-2014 as your Vice President it is my humbling duty to ensure that I keep an open and close relationship with the various organizations and departments within the campus. I have committed my life to being the best role model, friend, sister and daughter as I journey through life embracing all its challenges and new opportunities. As my final year here at NIU soon approaches I am overwhelmed with excitement on making a difference to better benefit our astounding student body.

The Student Association plays a vital role in the University’s shared governance, and because of my involvement with the SA it has taught me the importance of: maintaining school excellence, conduct, diversity, financing, goal setting, professionalism and above all ensuring that each and every student’s voice is heard. This development has driven my focus this year to strive for continuous improvement in my connection with our 200+ recognized student organizations on campus. I plan to guide and develop the new upcoming student groups and finally pushing for growth not only within my position but in the Student Association in its entirety.
My first project since taking office has been reorganizing records of the student organizations and electronically documenting them within our system to ensure that all of the student organizations forms are compliant and readily available. I have also had the pleasure of planning this year’s Organizational Expo where 200+ students ran organizations and gave departments an opportunity to engage with the first year, transfer, traditional, non-traditional and student leaders to introduce at this campus-wide event.

My values and belief are that people should always and forever be at the core of what we do. I see myself as a self -motivated leader and will continue to measure my success and performance by working diligently through teamwork, communicating effectively & candidly, leading through influence and final executing for results.
I am thrilled to see what this year holds for the Student Association and all the wonderful ideas we have in store for Northern Illinois University. If I can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank You,

Kaliah Smith