Dillon Domke

Welcome to the official website of the Student Association Senate. As the legislative body of the Student Association, the Senate represents and acts on behalf of student interests across campus and into the greater community. The Senate is responsible for the appropriation of funds to SA recognized student organizations, formally recognize new student organizations, officially review and verify any actions made by the executive branch and confirming of new appointments. Additionally, the Senate investigates and recommends policies on student government and university issues and may pass resolutions on behalf of the entire NIU student body.

The Senate is ultimately responsible for the Student Association budget which currently is over $6.5 Million Dollars. This money is used to provide services to the students of NIU including; Huskie Bus, Recreation Services, Student Legal Department, Off-Campus and Non-Traditional Services, Events Production Services and CAB to name a few.

The Senate is made up of 40 Senators serving in 5 Districts and an executive staff. Each Senator serves on at least one Standing Committee of the SA and may serve on an additional University Committee at the discretion of the Speaker. Senate elections take place in the Fall of each academic school year and when needed, appointments to vacant Senate seats may be made.

As Speaker I am committed to serving as a voice for all students of NIU. If I can be of assistance to you in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dillon J. Domke
NIU Student Association Senate