Director of Mass Transit

Brett Williams

Brett Williams

Director of Mass Transit
NIU Student Association
DeKalb, Il 60115
Office Hours:
Mon. & Wed. 12:00 - 2:00PM
Tues. & Thurs. 2:00 - 4:00PM
Fri. By Appointment

Hello, I’m Brett Williams, Director of Mass Transit for the Northern Illinois Student Association (NIU SA). I’m working on my degree in Marketing and a minor in Statistics. In the fall 2013 semester, I was elected as a Senator representing the 3rd District of the NIU SA. As a senator, I served as the Vice Chairman of the Mass Transit Board. Due to my involvement on the board, I was hired by the Student Association President to be the Director of Mass Transit.

Being part of the NIU SA is a great way to give back to the amazing university which has given me so much already. There are so many great people at this university from all different walks of life, and I want to make sure they arrive to class in a safe and secure manner. As the Director of Mass Transit, as well as an NIU student, I will always concentrate on the needs of the student body.

When it comes to deciding new routes for the school year, I will keep in mind several key points. First I want to hear from the students, having open forums for students so they are able to voice their opinions. In the spring 2014 semester, I put together a Mass Transit Workshop to really understand the concerns of my peers. I also have to keep in mind that there are budget and time constraints on all transportation routes. My imagination and ambition for the future of Mass Transit is only bound by the realities and restraints of real world applications.

My goal as Director of Mass Transit is to have an efficient and effective mode of transportation for not just some, but all students.

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