Director of Mass Transit

Joe Frascello - Director of Mass TransitJoe Frascello
Director of Mass Transit
NIU Student Association
DeKalb, Il 60115

Hello, I’m Joe Frascello, the Director of Mass Transit for the Northern Illinois Student Association (NIU SA). I’m earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science with an emphasis on Public Law. I also look forward to achieving a certificate in Civic Engagement. In the fall semester of 2012, I was elected as a Senator to represent the 4th District of the NIU SA. I served on the Mass Transit Board and soon after, became the Vice Chairman of the board. At the 2013 Student Choice Awards, I was given the Outstanding Mass Transit Board Member award. This led to me accepting the position of the Director of Mass Transit.

I became involved in student government because I knew the best way to improve and maintain a quality college experience is by actively pursuing one. The NIU SA has given me the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience while advancing the values of the student population.

One of the many goals I look to achieve is to effectively transition to the new bus routes for this academic year. The Mass Transit Board has collaborated with Veolia Transportation to bring the most accessible, student-run bus system in the nation. Our University's new bus routes are designed to make getting around DeKalb easier than ever before. Students will quickly notice the simplicity and efficiency of our improved bus system.

When deciding on the new routes, we made sure to keep the students in mind. Not only are the routes significantly refined, we saved over $150,000 in student fees. The Huskie Line is now more effective. When something is effective, it produces a decisive, desirable outcome. That is exactly what this new system accomplishes.

I will work on behalf of the students to bring the best transportation system possible to the NIU campus.

Other involvements: Committee Chairman of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, Gamma Lambda chapter.

NIU Huskie Bus Routes