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OSP Staff Changes

by Dara Little, Director

May 13, 2013

Recent staff changes within OSP have been made in order to support efforts to facilitate the University’s goals of increasing research expenditures and strengthening University-Industry partnerships. It is paramount for the expertise of the OSP staff to align with the pre-award activities (e.g. proposal development and contract negotiation) that contribute to the University’s ability to achieve these goals.  

Kellie Dyslin, Research Development Specialist (RDS) for the Social and Behavioral Sciences has been promoted to the position of Assistant Director for Proposal Support.  In this leadership role, Kellie will serve as team lead to facilitate the activities of the OSP Proposal Support team that includes all OSP Research Development Specialists. The goal of the OSP Proposal Support Team is to provide comprehensive funding and proposal development support to all NIU faculty and staff seeking external funding through sharing of best practices, cross-training activities and advising OSP leadership on potential barriers at the policy and procedure level impacting proposal development. RDS staff continue to be assigned to specific disciplines and at this time, Kellie will continue to serve as RDS for the faculty in the Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Andrea Buford, RDS for the College of Health and Human Sciences, Humanities, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts and Donna Martin, RDS for the College of Education, have both been promoted to the position of Senior Research Development Specialist. In these roles, Andrea and Donna will work closely with the Assistant Director to lead proposal development activities and facilitate cross-training activities within the Proposal Support Team.

To strengthen contract negotiations and University-Industry partnerships, Kristin Duffy has assumed the role of Contracts and Industrial Relations Coordinator. In this role, Kristin reviews and negotiates all sponsored contracts (including research and testing agreements) that are received through OSP and assists faculty and staff with navigating project discussions with industry partners. Kristin is also involved in reviewing Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) for the transfer of incoming materials. Kristin works closely with the NIU Office of General Counsel and Technology Transfer Office in this role.

I am confident these changes will allow OSP to continue the high level support that NIU faculty and staff have come to expect from OSP as we support faculty and staff funding efforts in this era of increased competiveness, expanded funding portfolios, and heightened scrutiny of all sponsored programs.

See our new OSP Staff Directory for a full listing of all OSP staff and a brief description of our primary roles and responsibilities.  You may also call me directly with any questions you may have regarding these changes.