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NIU Deadlines for NEH Summer Stipend Competition

May 13, 2013

The National Endowment for the Humanities offers Summer Stipends to support advanced research of importance to humanities scholars or to the general public. This program offers modest support to researchers in the humanities for two months of summer work. Projects typically involve completing a book, a site report, a manuscript, a translation, etc.


Individuals who have not held a major grant within the past three academic years, who have completed their training, and who are not currently holding another NEH award are eligible to apply. Collaborative projects are not allowed; interdisciplinary projects with a single investigator, however, are eligible.

Internal NIU process

Because any institution may only put forward two proposals in response to this call, an internal competition is held to determine the strongest proposals to submit. This process has resulted in excellent outcomes for the institution and the faculty.

Any faculty member within the humanities can submit a three-page narrative describing the project. The Division of Research and Graduate Studies then convenes a review committee, with a broad range of experience across the humanities disciplines. The committee is similar in composition to the review panel at the NEH. The committee reviews and offers written comments on all the proposals.

Applicants are then invited to revise and resubmit; from these revised narratives, the committee chooses the two proposals to move forward. This process occurs early enough that selected researchers have ample time to continue revisions.

In the final revision process, researchers will have considerable support from the Division of Research and Graduate Studies, including intensive discussions with a member of the internal review committee and an OSP Research Development Specialist (RDS). The committee member and the RDS will be available to review and comment on multiple drafts of the narrative. The RDS will handle the administrative needs essential to the submission of the proposal and submit the proposal to NEH on the faculty member’s behalf.

2013 key dates for this competition:

  • July 1: first drafts due (a 3-page project description)
  • August 1: second drafts due
  • September 20: internal deadline for all final proposal documents
  • September 26: deadline for submission to the NEH

Guidelines will be updated in July. However, the NEH has indicated that last year’s guidelines can safely be used in the meantime; they can be found here: http://www.neh.gov/grants/research/summer-stipends. If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Buford (abuford@niu.edu) at the Office of Sponsored Projects.