About OSC

OSC Standing Committees


*denotes a member that isn't currently on the OSC, but wishing to serve the University.

Work Place Issues Committee
Gay Campbell, Chair  (815/753-0915)
Other Members:  Stacey Bivens, Gay Campbell, Heike Hofstetter, Danell Nixon, Jennifer Ridge, Karen Smith, Rhonda Wybourn*

Public Relations/Activities Committee
Don Butler, Chair  (815/753-6771)
Other Members:  Don Butler,  Heike Hofstetter, Jay Monteiro, Rachel Pierce, Carlos Raices, Pam Roesner*, Karen Smith, Alan Smith

Elections/Appointments Committee
Heike Hofstetter, Chair (815/753-6865)
Other Members:  Elizabeth Buck, Stacey Bivens, Particia Liberty-Baczek, David Long, Andy Small, Rachel Pierce, Amy Polzin

Executive Committee
Andy Small , Chair (815/753-6854)
Other members:  Elizabeth Buck (Treasurer), Heike Hofstetter (Vice President), Danell Nixon (Secretary)

StaffFest Committee
Carlos Raices, Chair (815/753-1376)
All current members of OSC