About OSC

OSC Standing Committees


Representatives on all OSC committees should be status operating staff (civil service) employees. If you are interested in being on one of the OSC committees, please contact John Hulseberg at jhulseberg@niu.edu or 753-6263.

Workplace Issues Committee
Jennifer Jeffries, Chair 
Other members: Stacey Bivens, Zachary Bohn, Patricia Liberty-Baczek, Sarah Lindell, Vickie Nay, Holly Nicholson, Pam Roesner, Karen Smith

Employee Morale Committee
Zachary Bohn, Chair
Other members: Angie Gutierrez-Vargas, John Hulseberg, Patricia Liberty-Baczek, Karen Smith, Andy Small

Public Relations/Activities Committee
Pam Roesner, Chair 
Other members:Valerie Lorusso, Yvette Lubbers, Jay Monteiro, Holly Nicholson, Karen Smith

Elections/Appointments Committee
John Hulseberg, Chair (815-753-6263)
Other members: Stacey Bivens, Elizabeth Buck, Carlos Raices, Karen Smith

Executive Committee
Holly Nicholson, Chair (815-753-6692)
Other members: John Hulseberg (Vice President), Stacey Bivens (Secretary), Zachary Bohn (Treasurer) Jay Monteiro (Parliamentarian)

Legislative Committee
John Hulseberg, Chair (815-753-6263)
Members: John Hulseberg, Patricia Liberty-Baczek, Andy Small, Karen Smith

StaffFest Committee
TBD, Chair
Nancy Brown, Elizabeth Buck, Patricia Liberty-Baczek, Vickie Nay, and all current members of OSC assist with the event