About OSC

OSC Standing Committees


Workplace Issues Committee
Jennifer Jeffries, Chair 
Other members: Stacey Bivens, Zachary Bohn, Patricia Liberty-Baczek, Sarah Lindell, Vickie Nay, Holly Nicholson, Pam Roesner, Karen Smith

Employee Morale Committee
Zachary Bohn, Chair
Other members: Angie Gutierrez-Vargas, John Hulseberg, Patricia Liberty-Baczek, Karen Smith, Andy Small

Public Relations/Activities Committee
Pam Roesner, Chair 
Other members: Jessi Lorang, Valerie Lorusso, Yvette Lubbers, Jay Monteiro, Holly Nicholson, Karen Smith

Elections/Appointments Committee
John Hulseberg, Chair (815-753-6263)
Other members: Stacey Bivens, Elizabeth Buck, Carlos Raices, Karen Smith

Executive Committee
Holly Nicholson, Chair (815-753-6692)
Other members: John Hulseberg (Vice President), Stacey Bivens (Secretary), Zachary Bohn (Treasurer) Jay Monteiro (Parliamentarian)

Legislative Committee
John Hulseberg, Chair (815-753-6263)
Members: John Hulseberg, Patricia Liberty-Baczek, Andy Small, Karen Smith

StaffFest Committee
TBD, Chair
Nancy Brown, Elizabeth Buck, Patricia Liberty-Baczek, Vickie Nay, and all current members of OSC assist with the event