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Huskie Bucks

Huskie Bucks

A "Huskie Bucks Account" is a pre-paid debit account that students, faculty, and staff may open with the university to use for various services such as laundry, copying/printing, and food purchases at designated locations on and off of the DeKalb NIU Campus (see below). This account is accessed with the OneCard ID. Huskie Bucks is a must-have for students living in the residence halls. The Huskie Bucks program facilitates life on campus by freeing students and employees from carrying cash, speeding checkout lines, and helping parents provide flexible food spending for their students. Open Your Account TODAY!

Huskie Bucks can be used at any of the following locations:


Bowling Bowling & Billiards

Huskie Bucks are accepted in the Holmes Student Center Huskie's Den as payment for bowling or shooting pool.
Copy Machines Copy Machines

Huskie Bucks are required for the use of copy machines scattered throughout the NIU campuses.
Food Purchases Food Purchases (Restaurants and Vendors)

Huskie Bucks are accepted by an increasing number of restaurants both on and near the NIU campus.
Laundry Room Laundry

Huskie Bucks are the only method of payment for laundry services by Housing and Dining in the residence halls.
Learning Center The Learning Center

The Learning Center in Gabel Hall accepts Huskie Bucks for purchases such as CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, color printouts, art paper, laminations, copies, VersaLASER cuttings, general supplies, and more.
NIU Foundation NIU Foundation

Donate your Huskie Bucks as a gift to support the university.
Campus Parking Services Parking Permits

Campus Parking Services accepts Huskie Bucks for parking permit purchases for your vehicle.
Printing Printing

Huskie Bucks is used for print jobs that have exceeded the print allotment funds for a semester.
Williston Hall Transcripts

Registration and Records in Williston Hall accepts Huskie Bucks for transcript purchases.


Note: A Huskie Bucks Account is not the same as a Housing and Dining Meal Plan, neither is it the same as a TCF Bank Account. Although a student can have all three accounts accessed by the same OneCard ID, the monies stay separated.

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