Services for Discrimination and Harassment based on Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity

The Constitution and Bylaws of Northern Illinois University prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.  Offensive, discriminatory, or harassing behavior based upon an individual's sexual orientation is additionally prohibited by the Illinois Human Rights Act and by the university's Non-Discrimination/Harassment Policy.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is conscious or unconscious bias against individuals based on their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. Such bias may lead to inappropriate or unacceptable behavior in the workplace, classrooms, or residence halls, or campus activities.

In accordance with the Non-Discrimination/Harassment Policy, conduct such as offensive language, mockery, verbal threats to damage personal property, or physical violence against people who are or are perceived to be heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is prohibited.

Discriminatory or harassing behavior should be reported to an appropriate university official. It is a violation of university policy to retaliate against an employee or student for reporting such discrimination or harassment.

Any member of the NIU community who experiences discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity may seek assistance from the following units:

  • Affirmative Action and Diversity Resources, Human Resource Services Building/Diversity Resource Center, 815-753-1118 (TDD 815-753-2303)
  • Office of the Ombudsman, 815-753-1414,
  • Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity,
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center, Holmes Student Center, 7th Floor, 815-753-LGBT,