Campus Climate

The Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity works toward ensuring a welcoming and supportive campus climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender students, faculty, and staff.

As part of its efforts, PCSOGI continues to evaluate NIU's progress toward implementing the 42 recommendations from the 1993 report of the Task Force on Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation.

Executive Summary and Recommendations:
1993 Report of the President's Task Force on Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

In addition to the 1993 recommendations, PCSOGI also considers additional issues and concerns as they arise and informally documents reports of instances of discrimination and harassment on campus.

PCSOGI makes recommendations on actions needed in areas including academic programs, student services, workplace matters, university policies, and the general campus environment. The Commission collaborates with individuals and departments throughout the university to assure equitable treatment of all students, faculty, and staff regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.