Banquets & Conferences

Clara Sperling Sky Room

The Clara Sperling Sky Room is a great place to hold receptions or conferences and is adaptable to all occasions. 

To reserve a room, call 815-753-1744.

Capacity Limits
Theater/Auditorium (Chairs in rows) - Seating for 180 Guests
School Room/Class Room Style - Seating for 70 Guests 
Crecent-Round Style - Seating for 72 Guests
Banquet Style (Rounds) - Seating for 96 Guests
Reception/Refreshment Style - 100-150 Guests
Exhibit/Vendors Style - 12 Booths
Octagonal Set/Hollow Square/U Shape - 54 Guests
Herringbone (V Shape - Wedding Style) - 160 Guests 


Room Layout Options
SkyRoomEmpty Sky Room Empty
SkyRoomReception Sky Room Reception 2 round tables w/ 8 chairs
3 round tables for food
4 cocktail tables
3-6' tables
SkyRoomCapacityRounds Sky Room at Capacity w/ Round Tables 15 round tables w/ 8 chairs
SkyRoomChairsCapacity Sky Room Chairs Capacity 200 chairs in rows
SkyRoomConferenceLayout Sky Room Conference Layout 10-6' w/ 3 chairs
2 stacks of 6 chairs
1-8' tables for refreshments
2-8' tables for food
2-8' tables for displays
SkyRoomLayout Sky Room Layout