Tobacco - Links

American Cancer Society-Quitting Smoking
The American Cancer Society provides information on reasons to quit, planning your quit date, guides to quitting, how to help a smoker quit and how to handle urges. There are also assessments and quizzes to help you build your quit plan; as well as information about the health effects of tobacco use, and current efforts being undertaken to curb tobacco use in communities across the nation.

American Lung Association-Freedom from Smoking Online
The American Lung Association has compiled information on smoking, and tips for how to quit. They also have the Freedom from Smoking Online which is an 8 module smoking cessation program that consist of lessons and activities that are designed to help you quit. The basic program is free and is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Illinois Tobacco Quitline        1-866-Quit-Yes
The Illinois Tobacco Quitline is a program funded through the Illinois Department of Public Health and the American Lung Association of Illinois. This program provides information on reasons to quit, how to quit, resources for coping while you are quitting, and how to find resources in your area. They also have a phone number and an instant chat service that people can use to talk to cessation professionals.

QuitNet: Quit All Together
QuitNet is an online smoking cessation program that allows people to create their own quit plan, get support from others quitting using their program, get tips and ideas for how to quit and fighting off urges, as well as show people how much money they can save by quitting tobacco use. The basic membership is free and is available in Spanish. Quitnet also has a social media component that allows users to connect with other individuals who are quitting, or have quit, tobacco use. 

Reports of the Surgeon General
This website offers information from the Surgeon General’s office including Surgeon General’s Speeches, Press Releases and Reports on tobacco, information for clinicians and for consumers, and links to smoking cessation materials.

Smoking & Nicotine - National Institute on Drug Abuse
The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is a part of the National Institute of Health, and as information on different types of drugs and drug abuse. Their information on tobacco includes effects of nicotine and tobacco, statistics and trends, research being done, links to different alcohol, tobacco and other drug publications, as well as information for clinicians and consumers for smoking cessation.

Tobacco Free U
Tobacco Free U is an informational website for smokers and nonsmokers on the different types of tobacco, tobacco policy, cessation, programming, and resources.

Dental Hygiene Tips For Smokers
Information about the effects of smoking on dental health and the difficulties of caring for the mouth of a smoker, including information about increased risks of certian types of throat and oral cancers.