This website is a project by the Boston University School of Public Health. Take a free screening to determine if the way or amount you drink might be affecting your health. 

Alcoholics Anonymous National Website

Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) is typically a group of individuals who come together for support in their effort to stop drinking. While this is a national organization, there are groups throughout the country. Please check out the links below for some of the local A.A. websites. 

The BACCHUS Network

The BACCHUS Network has information and resources on how alcohol affects your health, your decision making, and academics, as well as alcohol and nutrition. They also maintain the website, their website regarding impaired driving prevention. 

National Social Norms Institute

The National Social Norms Institute at University of Virginia offers research, case studies, and news about the use of the social norms approach to health promotion. "The social norms approach uses a variety of methods to correct negative misperceptions (usually overestimations of use), and to identify, model, and promote the healthy, protective behaviors that are the actual norm in a given population." (