Grant Reports

Procedural Notes Regarding Access to Grant Reports

  • You need at least version 5.5 of Internet Explorer, although we recommend that you install or upgrade to the current release, which is available at
  • Depending on the security configuration of your workstation, it is possible that you will need to have your system administrator do the Internet Explorer installation/upgrade.
  • The report distribution/viewing application has been designed to maintain the confidentiality of your financial reports.  You will only be able to access your own reports.  In addition, no one else in your department, college or the University will be able to view your reports, unless you have indicated to us that someone else may have access.
  • You, or your designee, must have a valid University user ID. If you think you do have a user ID and have forgotten it, please call Sponsored Programs Administration at 753-1576 or your Grant Administrator.  If we have you in our file, we can tell you your user ID, but not your password.
  • If you do not have a user ID, you will need to request one from Information Technology Services (ITS).  You may call the ITS Customer Support desk at 753-8100. ITS can also assist you if you have forgotten your password.
  • When you click on the Access Grant Reports link, you will be asked to enter your user ID and your password.  Please note that, depending on the security settings of your browser, you may receive a security information pop-up message.  If you do, simply click OK and proceed.
  • You must type 'niunt\' in front of your user ID when logging in for report access.  Please note that the symbol after 'niunt' is a backward slash.  For example, if your user ID is e00xxx1, you should now enter it as: niunt\e00xxx1. A second screen will then appear which will also ask you for your user ID.  All users should have a matching Novell and Windows NIUNT user ID, with the passwords synchronized automatically by ITS.  If you are having access problems, it is most likely being caused by your Novell and Windows NIUNT passwords being out of sync. ITS provides an NIUNT password checker function on the Passwords at NIU web page, which you may use to see if your Novell and NIUNT passwords are in sync.
  • Should the small gray pop-up box asking for your user ID and password reappear during your report viewing session, you can just click on 'Cancel' and proceed with viewing your reports. This behavior is due to a bug in Internet Explorer that manifests itself when opening Office documents across the web. It is annoying, but harmless.
  • If you have a valid user ID and password, and you still receive an error message when you attempt to log in, it is also possible that you have not been granted access to any reports and are not in the security database.  If this occurs, please call Sponsored Programs Administration at 753-1576.  We will make certain that you are set up in our master report security database.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, the screen will display a drop down box with the grant numbers and names of your active grants.  Please select the grant, and then the fiscal month, for which you wish to see report files.
  • A list of appropriate monthly financial report files (in the form of Excel spreadsheets) will then be displayed for the grant/month combination that you’ve selected.  You may bring the spreadsheets up in your browser by clicking on the appropriate report file, or download them to your workstation by right-clicking the report file and choosing the "Save Target As..." option.  You may also print the report at this point by right-clicking the appropriate report file and selecting the "Print Target" option.
  • The reports will be available for a rolling twelve-month period (e.g. April 2008's reports will be available until replaced by April 2009's reports).