Check Your Status


Check Your Status

It is very important to regularly monitor your NIU student email account as well as your MyNIU ‘To Do List.'  These are the means through which NIU communicates any requirements or important information regarding your financial aid application and disbursement of aid.  There are several reasons you may receive an email communication from the SFAO:

  • Once we receive your FAFSA record, we may need to request additional information.  An email communication is sent in conjunction with posting the required forms or documents to your MyNIU ‘To Do List.'
  • Any time information is submitted to the SFAO, there is always the possibility that it may generate the need to request additional documentation to confirm or clarify information.
  • Once your financial aid has been packaged you will receive an award notification email that contains important information regarding your awards, as well as the link to our Reference and Resource Guide. Your awards will be posted to MyNIU ‘Campus Finances.'

It is every student’s responsibility to read all communications and respond to requests for additional information in a timely manner.

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