Applying for Financial Aid


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Special Circumstances

Reevaluation of Financial Aid Need

Generally, financial aid eligibility is based on the previous year’s income information. If your financial situation has changed substantially during the year or since completing the FAFSA, you can contact the SFAO to request a reevaluation of your financial aid need. Circumstances that can be considered include the following:

  • Loss of income (wages, benefits) because of unemployment (job loss, employment change) change in health, or change in your or your parents’ marital status.
  • High unreimbursed medical and/or dental expenses.
  • Higher cost of attendance due to specific circumstances, such as higher than usual book and supply expenses, commuting costs, or child care costs. (Please note that these circumstances only increase potential loan eligibility.)

Other Circumstances

Dependent student, parents not married: If the parents of a dependent student are not married and do not reside together, the student is to apply with the parent they lived more in the 12 months prior to filing the FAFSA. If the parents live in the same home, include both parents' financial information.

Dependent student living with someone other than parent: Federal regulations do not allow for a student to file the FAFSA with anyone other than biological or adoptive parent(s). In such a situation, the student may meet one of the criteria to be considered an independent student, or it may be a situation where an independent appeal could be considered. If a student is not sure which direction to take, it may be best to contact the SFAO to discuss the situation.

Independent appeal: If a student does not meet any of the criteria to be considered independent, but feels that he or she has a special or unusual circumstance, he or she may appeal to be considered an independent student. Contact the SFAO to discuss your situation and determine if an independent appeal could be considered.