IRS Data Retrieval


IRS Data Retrieval Tool Page

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool provides the opportunity for applicants to automatically transfer the required tax data onto the FAFSA form.

Here are some tips on using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool:

  • Benefits The IRS Data Retrieval Tool is an easy and secure way to access and transfer tax return information directly onto the FAFSA form, saving time and improving accuracy. Also, the increased accuracy reduces the likelihood of being selected for verification by the FAFSA Processor.
  • Eligibility Criteria Taxpayers who wish to use the tool to complete their 2015-2016 FAFSA form must:

    • have filed a 2014 tax return;
    • possess a valid Social Security Number;
    • have a Federal Student Aid ID (individuals who don’t have a FSAID will be given the option to apply for one through the FAFSA application process);
    • have not changed marital status since Dec. 31, 2014.
  • Exceptions If any of the following conditions apply to the student or parents, the IRS Data Retrieval Tool cannot be used for the 2015-2016 FAFSA application:

    • an amended tax return was filed for 2014;
    • no federal tax return for 2014 has been filed ;
    • the federal tax filing status on the 2014 return is married filing separately;
    • a Puerto Rican or other foreign tax return has been filed.

How the student IRS Data retrieval tool works:

  1. Enter your FSAID and password and click Link To IRS
  2. Your FAFSA will be saved and you will be transferred to the IRS Web site.
  3. On the IRS Web site, enter the requested information.
  4. Once the IRS has validated your identification, your IRS tax information will display. You can either transfer your information from the IRS, or choose to return to FAFSA on the Web from the IRS Web site. If you do not transfer your information or choose not to return from the IRS Web site, you will have to login to open your saved FAFSA.
    • If you transfer your IRS tax information, questions that are populated with tax information will be marked with “Transferred from the IRS.”

*You will not be asked to enter your FSAID if you entered a FSAID to begin your FAFSA.

Additional assistance on the IRS Data Retrieval Tool is available online at:  Tutorial: 7 Easy Steps to FAFSA (step 6)